Sveti Vlas

General information

Saint Vlas is a quiet and cozy little resort located at the Black Sea coast. It is nestled against the east part of the Balkan Mountain and currently is considered the most picturesque Bulgarian resort. Its popularity increased during the past decade and now more and more locals and tourists from abroad prefer to spend their holiday in this little paradise.


St. Vlas is located in the eastern part of the Balkan Mountain on the Black Sea coast. It is situated in the northern part of the Nessebar Bay. The town of Nessebar is located in just 10 km, while the biggest Bulgarian resort, Sunny Beach, is only a few km away. There is a convenient public transport, so the town’s guests can easily reach Sunny Beach by bus.

The international airport of Burgas is located in only 38 km. The distance of St. Vlas from the big cities is an advantage that makes it a perfect place for relaxation and rest. The resort provides unique combination of mountains and sea climate. The number of sunny days throughout the year are between 240 and 260.

Nature and nature sites

One of the things that make Saint Vlas preferred by all kind of tourists is its unique location. The nature here combines mountains with beaches and the climate is very favorable for spending a great summer vacation. This region is influenced by the Mediterranean weather influence. The height mountain slopes keep the town from the north winds that is why it is uncommon to have fogs here. The cold winter days during the winter months are only 26 compared to up to 260 sunny days yearly.

There is a unique natural phenomenon here that is created by the air currents between the mountains and sea. They make the air clean and fresh. Along with the sea breeze, there are perfect conditions for balneal treatment. Thousands of tourists come here to combine the pleasure with health improvement, as this resort is appropriate for treatment of asthma and other breathing disease.

Beach line is the most important element of the natural richness of this place. The beached are three and are south facing. The central one is the biggest and is about 1 km long. All three beaches are clean and wide, covered with fine golden sand.

History and cultural heritage sites

Although it is a comparatively small town, St. Vlas has a long and rich history. It was a Thracian village many centuries ago. Later, about 2nd century BC this village has been called Larisa in the time of Greek settlers. It got its current name Saint Vlas in 14th century. This was a saint who was a patron of traders, farmers and he was also famous for his healing abilities.

The village just gotten its name from the Saint Vlasey monastery. This old monastery existed till 18th century when it was eventually burnt by the countless raids of robbers. There were four other monasteries located nearby, which also had the same fate. People who visit these places could see some of their remains.

During the period of Turkish yoke, which lasted from 14th to 19th century, all the names that this village had were names of monasteries. There are records in the Ottoman registers, in which this village has been even called Monastery. As soon as Bulgaria got its freedom, the village has been called St. Vlas.

It is an interesting fact that the local population consisted mainly of Greek people up to 1920, but from that time on the Greek people moved to the west Thrace, which territory has been given to Greece in 1919. After that time less than 10 week families remain in St. Vlas.

In 1963, the village was announced a sea resort where people can heal their lung related disease. Is 2006, St. Vlas has officially become a town. The largest yacht port in Bulgaria with a capacity of 300 yachts has been built in St.Vlas in 2007.

Culture, entertainment and night life

Although the village is small, there are some entertainments that you could enjoy during your stay in this place. Here are the main of them:

  • Victoria Spa Centers that are created more than 10 years ago and offer the clients professional services, which include VIP SPA suites, Turkish baths, steam baths, Russian baths, saunas, salt saunas, indoor swimming pools, beauty parlors, vitamin bars, romantic Jacuzzi, solariums, and more.
  • Black Sam Pirate Ship – This is a two-storey pirate ship that is influenced by old pirate books and adventures. You will have a chance to feel the saltiness of the sea, eat some tasty food and experience pirate adventures during your sea journey.
  • Leap Frog Water Park is located in the central beach of Saint Vlas, just in front of the Sineva Hotel. There are different elements in the park such as 3 long and high slides, trampoline which is 9 m high multiple toys and a catapult. This is a perfect place for children to play.
  • Jet Ski is a company that can take care of your water entertainments offering unforgettable memories from your stay in St. Vlas. It is located in front of the Casa Real Complex Hotel on the beach.
  • For young people who enjoy the nightlife, there is a disco club called Rococo, which is located on the Marina Dinevi Yatch Port. This club offers various programs each night.


Small town of St. Vlas looks like a piece of paradise that attracts people from all around the world. The natural beauty is unmatched here and Saint Vlas has recently become international tourist destination with multiple options for rest, entertainment and active holiday.

There are many family hotels, guesthouses and villas that would offer all the necessary facilities for your complete rest. There are many restaurants shop, cafes and fast food clubs that make the town even more attractive. The visitors will enjoy the green gardens and parks and the amazing panorama of beautiful surrounding mountains.