Sunny Beach

General information

Sunny Beach is one of the biggest tourist destinations located on the Black Sea coast. It provides a great number of hotels, apart hotels, and other accommodation option along with multiple attractions, amusements and entertainments that both young and old are fascinated with.

If you plan a holiday in Bulgaria, you definitely need to include the Sunny Beach Resort in it. This place is probably the most popular amongst the foreign tourists, which is proved by a study, which shows that more than 2 million tourists have visited Sunny Beach during the last summer season. This place is attractive not only with its beautiful beaches, but also with its great greenery that makes the resort to look like a magic oasis.


The sunny beach resort has a convenient locationq which is in just 30 km from the International Burgas Airport. It is situated in south Bulgaria and features 8 кm long beach strip that provides perfect conditions for sun bathing. The ancient town of Nesseber is located in just 3 km from the resort where the curious tourists can learn a lot about Bulgarian culture and history and see some of the remnants of the past.

Another great feature of Sunny Beach is that Balkan Mountain located north of it, so the resort is influenced by its cool weather during the hot summer days. The visitors can enjoy the magnificent panorama around the resort that is harmoniously combined with the sea. The resort itself has a form of semicircle opened towards the Black Sea.

Nature and nature sites

The beach is 8 km long and 30 to 60 m wide, all covered by fine golden sand. There are natural sand dunes all across the beach. Some rare flora spices can be found, and the water in the sea is clear and without any dangerous fish or jellyfish. During the summer season the average water temperature is between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius. One of the benefits of the water here is that its saltiness is twice as little as the Mediterranean Sea’s saltiness.

The high season here starts in May and ends in October. During that time the sunny hours are approximately 1700 hours. The Sunny Beach Resort is awarded with the eco award Blue Flag thanks to its eco-friendly and clean environment, fresh air, surrounding mountains and clean beautiful beaches and water. For the first time this award has been received by the resort in 1995.

History and cultural heritage sites

The recent history of Sunny Beach begins from 1959 where there were two old wells used by the town of Nessebar for water since the ancient time. At that time 5 hotels have been built there, while today they are more than 100 of them. The reconstruction of old buildings has begun in 90s. At that time, new hotels began to grow and more and more investments have been drawn here in the tourist real estate. Today, Sunny Beach is a favorite holiday destination not only to the locals, but also to the foreigners.

The transformation of this paradise to the biggest and the most modern resort in Bulgaria started about 35 years ago. And the award of Blue Flag proves that during this economy growth of the region no harm has been imposed on the environment and nature.

Now, the tourists can choose one of the more than 100 available hotels in the resort, which are situated on long and wide alleys surrounded by beautiful gardens, greenery and parks.

Culture, entertainment and night life

There is a lot to be seen in Sunny Beach: starting from various restaurants, bars and discos up to water sports like water skiing, surfing, yachting, rowing, mini golf, beach volleyball, and tennis to name a few. Tourists can also take advantage of floating bananas, scooters, horse riding, jumping with a parachute, pedalos and more. The possibilities and entertainments are endless.

The resort hosts the International Festival called The Golden Orpheus along with multiple other competitions and reviews.

The hotels are modern and well equipped with all kinds of facilities such as fitness centers, spa centers, saunas, massage centers, medical centers, beauty salons, swimming pools, gaming centers, etc.

Many taverns offer folklore programs. There are multiple night clubs, bars, casinos and discos that offer engaging and attractive nightlife.

But Sunny Beach offers attractions not only for adults. Children will find here multiple playgrounds, children’s swimming pools and water attractions, gardens and children clubs, along with multiple organized trips or events. Sunny Beach is perfect for a family summer vacation.

St. Vlas resort is situated nearby. This quiet and cozy resort is famous for its yacht port, which is the biggest one in Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Nessebar, which is included in the World Heritage of UNESCO is another great destination located not too far from the Sunny Beach.


Vip Catamaran, which can be taken from the old Nesseber’s port, provides a great opportunity for the tourists to enjoy the luxury catamaran with excellent and personal service. They can see dolphins in the open sea, as well as to have unforgettable journey and try the tasty lunch and drinks on board.

There is an opportunity to join a safari adventure by riding a Jeep or ATV. The program includes off-road riding and walking in the forest, as well as a lunch and a folklore program that will reveal a part of the Bulgarian culture and traditions. 

Action Aquapark is located in the north part of the Sunny Beach Resort. It is a themed water park located on a huge territory and features tropical greenery with 30 different water attractions that fit everyone – young and old.

The park offers a lot of emotion where you can spend more than a day or two. The fastest slide will speed you up more than 60 km/h and the highest one is 18 m high. The longest slide is 120 m long and is called Niagara. Do not miss the incredible experience trying the following slides: X-Treme, Free Fall, Kamikaze and Hydrohute or take a walk through the park along the Lazy River, which is 330 m long. The adventurers will be excited to visit the Adventure Island to uncover its secrets.