General information

Sarafovo is a quarter in Burgas that is a popular place for the tourists because of its beautiful big houses and a favorable location. It is located on the Black Sea coast and provides a perfect view to the Burgas Bay. The Burgas Airport is located close to it and it is a place where foreigners prefer to reside.


Sarafovo is a resort place in the city of Burgas, which is located in East Bulgaria. It provides perfect conditions for a summer holiday. There are multiple sites located nearby, such as:

  • Thracian Tomb
  • Atanasovsko Lake
  • Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The other resorts of Pomorie and Nesseber are also located in a close proximity. Varna, the other big Black Sea Bulgarian city is located in 138 km.

Nature and nature sites

The beach located near Sarafovo is 4 km long. The sand is fine and because of its high content of manganese and iron, it has a black color that attracts the sun rays faster. This makes it very warm in summer. The seashore is even and appropriate for children and inexperienced swimmers.

Atanasovsko Lake, which is a nature reserve, is located next to Sarafovo. There are more than 300 kinds of birds here along with more than 250 unique plants. There are 17 species of fish in this lake. It provides incredible opportunities for ornithologists as well as photographers to perform multiple projects in this region.

Trips to Nessebar, Sozopol and Ropotamo River are regularly organized by different local travel agencies.

Sarafovo Beach is a popular place for swimming and sunbathing preferred by both local people and tourists. It is a relatively calm place even during the high season. Among different facilities that it provides are bars, cafes, restaurants, lounge and beach umbrellas. There are also water wheels, jets, scooters, bananas and the tourists can practice windsurfing and kitesurfing.

History and cultural heritage sites

In fact, the history of this place begins in 1910s when Thracian refugees settled here. Its current name is after engineer Sarafov. He said that the first people who settled here immediately noticed all the advantages that this place provides, including the fertile soil, the closeness of the sea and the nearby lakes. He even foresaw the development of Sarafovo as a tourist destination. For this reason, he designed the infrastructure of this place in a favorable way for tourists with wide and straight streets, with several parks and a school.

Today, this quarter is highly developed with multiple facilities. Along with building more restaurants and houses, the building of new parks, gardens and sport places continues, so that people who come here can enjoy their time outdoors.

One of the most recent plans is building a renovated Seaside Park, which is intended to turn into a modern base. The goal is to turn it into a resort village for summer holidays. There will be after an amphitheater, golf, green areas, outdoor facilities, spa centers, restaurant, cafe, bars and discos. The spa center will offer mud treatment, water treatment and various other therapies and procedures.

The amphitheater is planned to offer theatrical performances along with an opportunity to host various celebrations, dance courses and more. The children section is to be a chain of playgrounds that are connected between themselves. There will be a horse base with ponies and stadiums for sport competitions.

Culture, entertainment and night life

Burgas is a perfect place for endless night entertainment. There are multiple bars and discos along the beach that attract holidaymakers from near and far. There are multiple sites and attractions around and tourists are entertained by the popular events and festivals organized mostly in summer.

Along with different music festivals like Spirit of Burgas, which take place during the entire August, this place is known for its Sand Figures Festival.

No matter what kind of accommodation you choose, weather it is a bungalow, hotel or house, night life lasts till the early morning. Entertainment and relaxation here are connected, but Sarafovo has one great advantage to Burgas. It is a quiet and peaceful place that provides an opportunity for a serene rest.

Beside the opportunity for sun bathing, tourist can take a trip by ship, or rent a water wheel. People who would like to raise their adrenaline level can try diving, surfing, jumping with a parachute, etc.

Sarafovo is a perfect place for family holidays where both children and their parents are guaranteed to have a memorable experience.


  • In 650 meters from Sarafovo is Sarafovo beach that is guarded and provides excellent opportunities for rest and entertainments.
  • In 4.5 km away is the Black Sea salterns, which are among the most popular places in Burgas. There is healing mud here that attracts local people and foreigners. Salterns are shallow and because of the high level of salt they contain, there is no risk of sinking. You can lie in water for about 15-20 minutes to heal your diseases.
  • Burgas Zoo is located in 5 km and is always opened including the weekends.
  • Atanasovsko Lake is located in 5.5 km and is a home of more than 300 kinds of birds, some of which are very rare and are written into the Red Book of Bulgaria with animals and birds threatened from extinction.
  • Thracian Tomb called The Hollow Mound is in 6 km and dates from the 2nd or 3rd century. It is 8 m in height and its diameter is 60 m. There is a guide who will explain you interesting facts about this place.
  • The Sea Garden in Burgas is located in 7.5 km. You can walk here to get acquainted with some of the most popular sites in Burgas, such as Pantheon of the Dead Soldiers, the Summer Theatre, Sand Figure Festival.
  • In 7.5 km Pomorie Lake is located, which is beside the town of the same name.  Salt and healing mud are extracted from it and there is a Museum of Salt here, which is the only one in Bulgaria. The lake and the surrounding territory are declared a Protected Site.