General information

Ravda is a small and cozy resort, which experiences a fast growth during the last decade. A number of hotels and restaurants have been built here, which invite guests from near and far. The tourists can feel at home in this resort that offers accommodation at very affordable prices.

This little village is located in close proximity to popular summer resorts like Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Elenite. Its location provides tourists with opportunities for various activities during their stay in Ravda. There is a lot to be seen in this region, so the tourists are advised to rent a car.


Ravda is a cozy little village located in south east Bulgaria in just 4 km from beach. The Black Sea beaches here are wide enough to accommodate many people, with beautiful and clean bays, which reach the nearby Nessebar. This is a perfect place for an active vacation, as the holidaymakers can practice windsurfing, water skiing, rowing, diving, etc.

Ravda is one of the most preferred tourist villages in this region, as it features a romantic atmosphere and serenity. Burgas International Airport is located in just 28 km and there is a convenient public transport to and from many local sites and resorts.

Nature and nature sites

The beaches of Ravda are undoubtedly among its most popular nature sites. They provide perfect conditions for swimming, sun bathing and relaxing beside your favorite people.

Although this summer resort is small, its beach stripe is considered one of the longest on the Black Sea Coast and is divided by Ravda Cape into two parts. This is how the North and South beaches are formed. The first of them is very suitable for families with little kids, while the South Beach is very populated. Visiting the beach early in the morning guarantees that you will find a good place there.

There are restaurants and bars on the beach that provide quality food while you are on the beach. The beaches are safe for children and are watched over by beach rescuers.

Ravda features 2100 to 2200 sunny hours yearly. During the summer the weather is about 28 – 30 degrees Celsius, and the sea water is warm – about 25 degrees Celsius.

History and cultural heritage sites

Located between Nessebar and Aheloy, there are multiple historical sites located near Ravda. One of them is Mesambria Pontica located in just 5 km. This is a place that you need to necessarily visit during your stay in Ravda. It will show you valuable historical and cultural information about this place.

Mesambria has been an important commercial and craft town for about 2500 years. It has been established in the 5th century BC.

Some researchers think that the word Pontica comes from Pontos Euskinos, which is the Greek name for the Black Sea, while Mesambria means the town of Melsa. Today, you can visit its remains in the Old Town of Nessebar. They include fortress walls, pagan temples, Christian churches from the early centuries and beautiful two-storied houses.

Unfortunately, a big part of this ancient town remains under the water, as the sea level in this region has been risen and covered a big part of the peninsula. Today, the main gate with its big towels can be seen left from the entrance to the Old Town of Nessebar.

During the Hellenic and Rome periods of reign in this region, a lot of temples have been built and devoted to deities like Zeus, Apollo, Asclepius, Hekate, Isis, Serapis, Dionysus, etc. Later, Christian churches have replaced them. Amongst the most preserved buildings from that time is the old metropolis, that is built in 5th century.

Culture, entertainment and night life

There are a lot of options for entertainment available in Ravda, which include different water sports like yachting, water skiing, windsurfing, etc. There are many museums in the region that could be visited. A Jeep Safari is organized not too far away from Ravda and there are two Aqua Parks that it is worth to visit.

Ravda Aquapark

This aqua park is located in only 2.4 km from the village. It is a great place for families with little children that would have a great time together. There are multiple facilities for both children and adults along with show programs and games that entertain the visitors. People can take advantage of the cafe, restaurant, and the ice cream house where you can sample delicious food. The water in the swimming pool is crystal clear with multiple lounges around it. Although this aqua park is small compared to the Action Aquapark in Sunny Beach, it has all necessary facilities to make your stay unforgettable for the entire family.

Aqua Paradise Aquapark

Another aqua park is located in 2.6 km from Ravda. It is called Aqua Paradise and is the largest and the most attractive aquapark in Bulgaria. It features multiple water facilities that guarantee a high level of adrenaline and exclusive water emotions. There are water slides like Kamikaze, Touisher, Niagara, different jumps, and boats. There are many other surprises that await visitors in this amazing place. Many of the extreme attractions are favorite to the lovers of excitement. To make your stay even more pleasant, there are different restaurants and bars where you can take a lunch.


Ravda is a perfect holiday destination for those who would like to escape from the business and noise of the big city. This little village offers amazing serenity and natural beauty. Not only the weather is welcoming and sunny, but the local people who welcome their guests too. The opportunities of eating outside are countless. There are restaurants, taverns, bistros, cafes, bars and other places for people to sample Bulgarian dishes and fresh fish.

There are multiple options for accommodation in Ravda, such as family hotels, houses for guests, aparthotels and even bungalows. All of them are equipped according to the expectations of the most exacting tourists. A few luxury hotels have been also built in Ravda over the last decade, as the resort becomes a place of interest to many local and foreign investors.