General information

Being one of the most beautiful winter and summer resorts not only in Bulgaria but in the Balkans, Pamporovo is situated in the very heart of the Rhodope Mountain. The panoramas revealed here are amazing, especially during the summer when the nature blossoms of different colors. The Snezhanka Peak is located just above this unique alpine resort. The winters here are prolonged and soft with perfect conditions for skiing, and the summers are cool and make it an oasis where people can escape from the warm weather in the lowland cities.


Pamporovo is among the biggest and most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria loved not only by locals but foreigners from different parts of the world. It is located about 80 km south of Plovdiv and about 250 km southeast of the capital. The nearest town, Smolyan, is located in only 11 km.

The resort’s total length is 18 km and it is served by lifts with a capacity of 7000 people per hour. It is located between 1650 m and 1926 m altitude at its lowest and highest point. Multiple ski slopes start from Snezhanka Peak. The resort is extremely favorable for tourism because of the beautiful scenery and nature that consists of eel and pine trees. Moreover, the local climate is perfect for all kinds of winter sports. The snowy days of the year are over 150 days, while the sunny days are 270. The tourists come to Pamporovo all year round, so no matter when you plan to visit Bulgaria, this resort is always open for visitors.

Nature and nature sites

Besides the wonderful slopes that are perfect for practicing skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports, tourists can take guided trips to the nearest sights, which include:

  • Wonderful Bridges that are a rock phenomenon, known also as Rock Bridges
  • Perperikon, which is a medieval archaeological complex considered to be the oldest monumental memorial cut entirely into the rocks
  • Bachkovo Monastery, which is the most visited and the second largest Bulgarian monastery. It is surrounded by multiple shops and restaurants that provide perfect shopping opportunities for the tourists. They can buy unique products that can be found only in this part of the world – from rare mountain herbs, home-made fruit jams, goat and buffalo yogurt and cheese to Rhodope woolen blankets, etc.
  • Rocky Phenomenon “Elephant”, which is an interesting rock formation in the shape of an elephant. It has been formed for centuries under the influence of elements. The curves and shapes resemble the elephant’s body, head, legs, and trunk.
  • Devil’s Throat Cave, through which the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula descends. The cave’s natural entrance, which is now used for exit, looks like a devil’s head. This is the first version of where it gets its name. The other version is that everything that falls into the waterfall’s restless water, never comes out, including two divers who lost their lives in an attempt to uncover this mystery.

History and cultural heritage sites

Pamporovo is founded in 1933 and since that time multiple hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, ski slopes and ski schools have been built there.

There are ski runs in Pamporovo of varying level of difficulty, which makes the resort perfect for all types of skiers – from newbies to advanced. Many children learn to make their first steps in skiing under the skillful guidance of local skiing instructors. It is believed that the ski schools in the resort are among the best in Europe.

The advanced skiers can try one of the several steep slopes. Ski-runners and those who run biathlon can practice these sports on the special tracks around Snezhanka Peak.

There are many ski wardrobes located near the slopes and hotels for tourists’ convenience. Pamporovo hosts international competitions in different ski-alpine disciplines.

Along with intensive winter sports, there are great conditions for relax and restoration provided by many rehabilitation centers in some of the hotels. If you long to see a breathtaking panorama, you can visit the bar, located in the tower of Snezhanka Peak, which is 2030 m above the sea level.

Culture, entertainment and night life

The night life lovers will find interesting entertainments in Pamporovo. There is a night bar or a club in almost every hotel. The most famous of them is the White Deer located in the Shopping Center.

For gourmet lovers, Chevermeto Restaurant is among the best in the resort. It will transfer the visitors over the time about 100 years ago and will offer them traditional Rhodope dishes and drinks. The specialty of the restaurant is the famous Rhodope cheverme. People will enjoy also the amusing Rhodope folk program.

The Panorama Bar of the Snezhanka Tower is probably the place that all tourists find the most interesting of all. It is located on 2030 m altitude and offers an unbeatable view to the entire resort and all the ski slopes, to Smolyan lagoon with its amazing lakes and even to the Greek part of the Rhodope Mountains located at distance. The breathtaking panorama continues to the west, where the highest peak of Rhodope Mountain, Golyam Perelik Peak, can be seen, as well as panoramic views of Rila and Pirin. To the north, you can see the Balkan Mountain. Whenever you turn, it looks like a piece of paradise with untouched natural beauty.


  • Pamorovo during the summer

The summer in Pamporovo is as exciting as during the winter. It provides a wonderful nature, clean air, cool and sunny days that could be spent in hiking, walking, visiting different sights or enjoying the excellent spa procedures and restoration programs.

But there is much more to do here, especially if you are a lover of more dynamic entertainments. Pamporovo offers swimming pools, bowling, tennis courts, archery, high-mountain biking to name a few.

  • Pamorovo during the winter

For the tourists, who come to Pamporovo in winter, this resort can be a paradise. The active season for skiing and snowboarding begins from the end of November and continues to the beginning of May. The snow cover often reaches 2 m.

There are several (green) tracks and several platforms for beginning skiers. The steep tracks for very skilled and advanced skiers are black. There are perfect conditions for snowboarders to practice freeride, too.

The hotels offer tourists ski and snowboard equipment rental, so that they could have everything they need for their winter fun.

Pamporovo hosts international and local competitions for alpine sports for both men and women, such as cross-country skiing, ski orienteering, biathlon and other winter sports.