General information

In the last decade, the city of Burgas became one of the fastest developing cities in Bulgaria. It has a modern European look and today it is an important trading, industrial, cultural and tourist center. It has been awarded several times with the award of “The best city to live in the country” as well as the awards “The best city for establishing business” and “The greatest city in Bulgaria”. In 2015, it was selected as a European city of Sport.


Burgas is the second largest Bulgarian city located on the Black Sea coast. It is situated in south east Bulgaria. The second most popular International Bulgarian Airport is located there along with the largest Bulgarian port and the only one oil port in the country. Many tourists are attracted here by the multiple nature reserves located in this region as well as preserved ancient and middle age villages. Each summer multiple international festivals are conducted here and add to its popularity even more.

Nature and nature sites

Tourists from all over the world visit this city because of the nature sites of this region. Burgas is surrounded by water – both fresh and salt. The Black Sea is located on the east, while three big lakes are located on west, forming the biggest complex of coastal lakes in Bulgaria. These are Burgasko, Atanasovsko and Mandrensko lakes that are protected nature areas.

Tourists in Burgas can take advantage of the longest beach in the country with fine golden sand, even seashore and clean sea water. It is interesting to know that about 140 different fish species live in Burgas Bay. Moreover, Burgas lakes are known for Via Pontica – one of the largest air highway for bird passages. If you visit this place during the autumn, you will be able to watch about 300 000 storks to gather here before their flight. Some other protected bird spices include Pink and Dalmatian pelicans, reed warblers and more. 

Burgas Mineral Baths are located in 15 km from the city center. They are among the oldest mineral springs and the water temperature there is 41.5 Celsius. The largest Bulgarian Nature Park called Strandga is located south from Burgas.

History and cultural heritage sites

This region has been inhabited since ancient time thanks to the favorable conditions, the closeness to the sea and the fruitful plain around. There are multiple remains from ancient Thracian mounds and temples, Rome’s cities and castles from the time of Byzantium. There are also monasteries, churches, ethnographic complexes and architecture preserves. All this can be seen in Burgas region forming cultural and historical environment of this unique place. The tourists will also be entertained by the modern events and arts like music, dance and cinema. One of the historical places that is worth of visiting is:

Aquae Calidae

This place reveals a millennial history that attracts people with its multiple opportunities for relaxation and entertainments. You can take a look at the fortress walls of Thermopolis, the ancient city, as well as to closely see the Roman baths built in the 1st century. There is a pool inside with warm and cold water. Tourists have an access to medieval rooms and they can visit the completely restored bathroom of Suleiman the Magnificent.

During the process of its restoration, the original look has been fully preserved in a typical for the Orient style. The marble and the ceramics are complemented by artistic and natural lighting.

Moreover, you will get the chance to watch a movie that is based on 3D mapping and is a virtual walk that will take you in the Thracian times. It will be interesting for you to get acquainted with the old legend about the Sacred Spring and the three healing different diseases nymphs, to learn more about the Roman epoch, the Crusades. The story will take you to the times of Suleiman the Magnificent.

When you exit the baths, you will find yourself at a functioning amphitheater, which will surprise the fans of fine theater, music, and cinema.

To see all the artifacts found at Aquae Calidae visit the museum exhibition, where you can take your time examining the bronze, silver and gold coins of various ages, seals, golden earrings, ceramics, bathroom accessories, marble decorative details and cult objects.

Culture, entertainment and night life

One of the most attractive sights in the city of Burgas is the Sand Town with sand figures located near the Black Sea coast. This is an annual festival dedicated each time to a different topic, such as Circus, SeaWorld, Cartoon characters, Fairy-tale characters, etc. Each year more than 2500 tons of sand are used to build these amazing figures.

If you visit this amazing place at night, the special lighting will make this figures even more attractive. To make them, sculptors all over the world have come here from countries like England, Indonesia, Belgium, Nederlands, Russia, Ukraine, Ireland, etc. Burgas is the only host of such sand festival on the Balkans.


If you love adventures, entertainments, ancient sites and the sea, Burgas is the perfect place for you to visit. Among the other amazing sites that tourists should go are:

The castle in Ravadinovo

This beautiful castle looks like classical west European castles, but this is only at the first sight. In fact, its style is unique because it is built in a fairytale style. It was built to realize a dream to live in the fairytales.

St. Anastasia island

It is located in the Burgas Bay and its base is formed from volcano rocks. There are hundreds of legends associated with this mysterious island. Among them is the story of pirates who attacked the island and the monastery located on it. The legend says that the monks locked the Monastery and prayed to St. Anastasia for help. She heard their prayers and sent a horrible storm, which destroyed the pirates’ ship.

The remains of this ship can be seen even today. Among the other nature sites are rocks known as the Mushroom and the Dragon. The Monastery has been burnt down several times by pirates as it is believed that golden treasures have been kept here.