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Location, location, location…

This is the most important factor that determines the value of your property. First of all, using the analogy method, your property will be compared to an identical property types in your area. The price should be similar to the average market price of the properties offered in this category in the same area. In order valuation to be fair, many other criteria will be used, such as the possibility of future development and increase in the value of the property, rental yields, the age of the property, even the furnishings and any other extras and elements the property possesses.

The property valuation that establish the current market price are made by our estate agents. To be most accurate and objective the valuation of your property, someone of our agent will need to visit your property and look at it. Our representative will take photos and will describe in detail all the features of the property, will not save you the disadvantages! Please, in advance make sure that your property is in the best possible condition to achieve its maximum value.

Property valuation is the basis of the sale process. It is obligatory for anyone who decides to sell a property to know how much his property worth, according to the current state of the market. This will help you negotiate for a fair price!!!